Oral Presentations

CRYO2021 is official over, but all the recorded sessions and posters will be available to registered delegates until early 2022. If you would like to access the post-conference content, please Contact Us.

Submitted oral presentations will be pre-recorded and available to view in the CRYO2021 Virtual Event app 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. Please note the new requirement for a 2 minute presentation summary video in addition to your presentation recording (see ‘Presentation Requirements’ below).

You will have the opportunity to answer questions from other delegates during your live session roundtable, scheduled between July 20-23, 2021. 

Presentation Requirements

Submitted oral presentations are required to submit an abridged, pre-recorded maximum 2 minute summary presentation in addition to your 15 minute presentation. This will be played at the beginning of your Q&A session to give delegates an overview of your presentation in the event they have not had time to watch the full video.  

Plenary and Invited Speakers are excluded from this requirement.

Plenary Presentation45-60 minutes*
Invited Speaker Presentation –  20 minutes*
Submitted Abstract Presentation –  15 minutes

*Unless different timing has been agreed with your session organizer. 


  • .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV
  • There is NO maximum file size.

Presenting Authors are responsible for uploading their full presentation to an appropriate platform. We recommend YouTube, but you may also use Vimeo if you prefer. Please use the ‘unlisted’ video function (see the YouTube guide below). After uploading your presentation to Youtube, you’ll need to submit the video link using the button below so we can embed your presentation(s) in the CRYO2021 app so other delegates can view your presentation and ask questions. The direct link to your video will not be visible in the app.

PowerPoint slides should use Widescreen Aspect Ratio 16:9

We know that residents of some countries may not be able to access YouTube or Vimeo. In this case, upload your video to any cloud storage and submit the cloud storage link using the button above. The CRYO2021 admin team will upload the video to YouTube for you.  

If you want to flex your creativity muscles and record something out of the box we’d love to see it! Stuck in lockdown or quarantine and have too much time on your hands? Make your monitor or TV your whiteboard and stand next to it and orate to your heart’s content. Have access to your lab and want to record in there? Go ahead! We’d love to see what you come up with. There may even be a prize or two.

Presenting Author Checklist

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Never uploaded a video to YouTube? No problem! Check out this step by step guide we’ve created.