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Bluechiip understands that every cryosample is critical. Our objective is to manage them efficiently without loss of quality. Traditional tracking solutions are not keeping up with increased handling requirements of valuable samples. Bluechiip is the only solution providing sample temperature with ID in cryogenic environments to deliver confidence in every sample. Bluechiip Consumables, Readers and Software combine to provide an unparalleled ability to track and store sample level data, including temperature, across the cold chain process. Sample Data Management System, Inventory Manager, Sample Traceability, ID and temperature sensing.
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The turning Maple


CryoSaps proudly announces the finalization of patents in 6 countries. These include the United States [Serial # US10,681,907 B2], Canada [Serial # 2,984,241], and four countries in the EP including Germany, France, Spain, and the UK [Serial # EP 3 288 378 B1]. The name of the patent is: “Use of Tree Sap to Preserve Sperm Cell Lines.” A fourth patent has its Claims kept open for any company wishing to purchase it for sole licensure or for patent modifications. Mother Nature has designed the perfect fluid through the eons, to keep her deciduous trees alive. Now researchers can harness this idea and begin research on this concept. Please contact Dr. Meg Robinson for details.
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Planer are dedicated to using our years of expertise and experience in cryogenics, cryopreservation, temperature control and the management of cells to develop and manufacture pioneering, high quality, innovative laboratory equipment to preserve, protect, and nurture cellular biologicals. Our product range includes controlled rate freezers, incubators, alarm and monitoring systems, sample tracking software, and cryogenic storage and control systems.
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μIce (microIce) offers high-precision temperature-controlled cold stages for optical characterization. Our instruments allow the formation and characterization of micron-sized single ice crystals, determination of melting and freezing points of an aqueous solution using nanoliter droplets, ice nucleation and re-crystallization assays and beyond.
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